Year: 2016

1January, 2016
Jan 27 INC-COP: LinkedIn Insiders Secrets: Get 40 from 30!!
Feb 05 Learning Technologies CoP: Designing & Prototyping: Turning Ideas Into Reality (webinar)
Feb 10 Meet Your Leaders - ATD Atlanta 2016
Feb 10 SLLF- ATD Atlanta 2016
Feb 25 Chapter Meeting: Soft Touch to Talent Development
Feb 25 New Member Orientation
Mar 07 ATD National Event in ATL: Telling ain't Training
Mar 13 Hunger Walk/Run--Community Relations
Mar 22 INC COP - Get Inspired & Learn How to Create Marketing Material Using Canva
Mar 28 Learning Technologies CoP - Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with PPT and Storyline (Panel)
Mar 29 Executive Board Meeting
Mar 30 Volunteer Showcase
Apr 14 Chapter Meeting: Engaging Hearts and Minds
Apr 14 New Member Orientation
May 06 Virtual New Member Orientation
May 16 Adobe Captivate 101 with Renota Dennard
May 16 Learning Technologies CoP Meeting - VideoWorks
May 18 Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement (ICE Preview Workshop)
May 18 INC CoP - Create the Peace of Mind, Profit & Legacy You Want
May 24 Executive Board Meeting
Jun 02 Executive Board Meeting
Jun 02 Chapter Meeting: Enterprise Learning Trends: “Take Your Learning with You”
Jun 02 New Member Orientation
Jun 13 Learning Technologies CoP - Reinventing onboarding: Changing Corp America
Jun 21 COP Higher Education - Share Your Presentation Skill Prowess! Higher Education Expert Panel Collaboration with Clayton State University
Jun 25 The Magic of What, Who, How and Why Not - The Four Keys to Performance Improvement, Bill Wilson
Jun 25 Essential Tools to Design and Influence Change at Work, Heather Stagl
Jun 25 First Things Fast: Strategies for Tailoring Programs and Services, Allison Rossett
Jun 29 Learning & Development COP - Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement (ICE Preview Workshop) Partner Workshop with ATD New York City
Jul 16 ATD Leadership Academy
Jul 19 Executive Board Meeting
Jul 25 ATD 2016 Atlanta Conference and Expo (ACE)
Jul 25 2016 ACE Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration - Atlanta Conference & Exposition
Aug 03 LearnNow: The Modern Learner
Aug 04 LearnNow: The Modern Learner
Aug 05 Virtual New Member Orientation
Aug 16 Adobe Captivate 101
Aug 23 AMA - Transformational Leadership Executive Workshop
Aug 23 Executive Board Meeting
Aug 23 Chapter Meeting: Onboarding Challenges and Success
Aug 23 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Aug 26 Learning Technologies CoP: xAPI - What it Means to Instructional Designers (webinar)
Sep 09 Virtual New Member Orientation
Sep 14 ATD Workshop: Train the Trainer
Sep 22 LearnNow: Game Design
Sep 23 LearnNow: Game Design
Sep 28 Executive Board Meeting
Oct 13 LearnNow: Design for Behavior Change
Oct 14 LearnNow: Design for Behavior Change
Oct 18 Executive Board Meeting
Oct 18 Chapter Meeting: ROI by Design: Connecting Learning Programs to Outcomes
Oct 18 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Nov 04 Virtual New Member Orientation
Nov 07 Creating Leadership Development Programs
Nov 14 E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
Nov 15 Executive Board Meeting
Nov 15 COP TEchnology: Jubi the X of Experiential Learning
Nov 29 Certificate: Project Managment for Learning Professionals
Dec 08 Executive Board Meeting
Dec 13 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Dec 13 Recognition Chapter Meeting