The Greater Atlanta Chapter of ASTD is governed by volunteer leaders who represent all aspects of the training and human resources development profession. These leaders utilize their management, marketing and technical skills to plan, administer, and implement the policies, programs and projects of the Chapter. Through their guidance, the organization serves the educational and professional development needs of its members.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic direction and organizational effectiveness of the Chapter. The Board comprises four Senior Advisors, the Chapter President, the President-Elect, and the Past President. Members of this Board attend Executive Board meetings on a rotational basis, serve on Board of Directors Committees and Special Task Forces, and act as mentors to the Executive Board members. Three Senior Advisors are elected for three-year terms and one Senior Advisor is appointed by the Chapter President for a one-year term. The Past President serves as a Senior Advisor for a one-year term in completion of the three year term to which he or she was elected.  The Board of Directors meet at least three times a year.

Minutes from the Board of Directors are available from the Board Chair upon request.

 Board of Directors Role  Name
 Chapter President  Vanessa Carey
 President-Elect  Sarah Gilbert
 Past President  Richard Fletcher
 Senior Advisor  Cecil Fricano
 Senior Advisor  Doug Dell
 Senior Advisor  Don Bolen
 Senior Advisor  Leigh Anne Lankford

Executive Board 

The Executive Board manages the day-to-day activities of the Chapter. Each year members elect a President-Elect (a three-year term, this individuals serves one year in each of three roles: President-Elect, President and Immediate Past-President), Chief Financial Officer (a one-year term), and Senior Advisor (three y to guide the activities, services, and business of the chapter. These elected officers, along with appointed Directors, make up the Executive Board. The Executive Board is responsible for establishing and implementing annual goals based on the Chapter's Strategic Plan. The Executive Board traditionally meets monthly to respond to member needs and to fulfill the vision of ASTD through visibility in the community and in our profession.

Minutes from Executive Board meetings can be viewed here. (You must be logged-in to view this page.)

 President  Vanessa Carey  Contact Vanessa
 President-Elect  Sarah Gilbert  Contact Sarah
 Chief Financial Officer  Steve Maul  Contact Steve
 Vice President, Member Services  Shelia Matthews  Contact Shelia
 Vice President, Programming  Doug Samuels  Contact Doug
 Vice President, Community Relations  David Adelman  Contact David
 Vice President, Communications and Marketing  Priscila Mattingly  Contact Priscila
 Vice President, Technology  Marilyn Bloom  Contact Marilyn

Past-Presidents of The Greater Atlanta Chapter, ASTD

For a list of past Presidents, click here.

Chapter Office

The Chapter Administrator maintains our database, and assists members and the Boards as needed in the ensuring the chapter operates smoothly.  The office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Glenda Hinz is the chapter administrator and is available to answer questions from members and visitors.  Click here for more information.


Committees carry out the ongoing tasks and processes that keep the Chapter running smoothly. They can be considered the “backbone” of the Chapter. Committees increase the involvement and participation of the general membership. A member's participation on a committee gives them leadership experience and knowledge of the organization, benefiting both the individual and forming skills for future leadership positions. Committees function within the By-laws and policies of the Chapter. All committee chairs report to a Vice President who provides guidance and serves as a liaison between the committee and the Executive Board.

Special Interest Groups 

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are the “heartbeat” of the Chapter. SIGs provide the opportunity to become personally involved in the Chapter, and offer many ways to grow professionally. Most Atlanta Chapter SIGs meet monthly and feature high-quality presentations by local or even national training and development practitioners. SIG meetings provide a place where you can meet other industry professionals, network and share experiences, learn about new industry trends and issues, and gather valuable knowledge to take back to your organization.  Click here for more information.

Operating Budget 

The Chapter operating budget is a planning document that defines projected expenses and revenues for the year. The budget is developed in the fall and finalized in January. The Executive Board reviews the budgeted vs. actual expenses each month. An internal review of financial records is conducted each year, and an external audit is conducted at least once every two years.

A copy of the operating budget is available upon request from the chapter's Chief Financial Officer. Previous month financial statements can be viewed here. (You must be logged-in to view this page.)

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