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2014 »


Trends in eLearning
September 4
Pooja Jaisingh, Senior eLearning Evangelist Adobe Systems.

2012 »


Talent Management for Workplace Learning Professionals
Webinar Series (Four-Part Series)

Talent Management for Workplace Learning Professionals was designed by the Greater Atlanta ASTD Professional Development Committee. It is specifically for learning and performance improvement professionals. The goal is to build capabilities around the important role that the Learning function has as a part of the overall strategic talent management process.

Module 1: “Learning and The Talent Management Framework” (Presented 1/19/12)
Presented by David Mallon of Bersin & Associates
Click here for link to presentation  

Bersin & Associates researched hundreds of organizations and created a model that shows how highly integrated and business-focused talent management strategies directly drive business results.  The Talent Management Framework provides a visual, easy to read depiction of how all of the talent management process, including Learning & Development, come together, while highlighting the most important elements and practices to consider for high-impact talent management in 2012.

After listening to the webinar, you will be able to:
  • Understand the Talent Management Framework – What Bersin’s research tells us about the importance of breaking down silos and integrating talent management strategies.
  • Learn how to Read and Apply the Talent Management Framework - To help a company define and develop its overall Talent Strategy. The framework provides a guide for how Workforce Planning, Competency Management, Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Succession Management, Career Management, Total Rewards, Performance Management and Learning & Development can work together in a way that ensures business alignment.
  • Understand the roles that Learning Professionals have within the Talent Management Framework – How you can be an effective enabler for talent management strategies to be realized within your organization.

Module 2:  “How to Develop a Talent Management Strategy” (Presented on 2/23/2012)
Presented by: Sharon Kaivani, Talent Management Practice Lead & Linda Brenner, Managing Director from Designs On Talent.

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ASTD and i4cp conducted a study on Talent Management Practices and Opportunities.  After careful identification of the variables comprising talent management, defined talent management strategy in this way:

“A holistic approach to optimizing human capital, which enables an organization to drive short- and long-term results by building culture, engagement, capability, and capacity through integrated talent acquisition, development, and deployment processes that are aligned to business goals.”

Your talent strategy should work at least as hard as you do. In fact, it should make your life easier by doing at least two things for you and your organization.

  • Align everyone in your organization to your business strategy.
  • Underscore your mission of creating an environment where people can learn, develop and receive recognition for their efforts.

In this type of environment, people are in the right roles, they are engaged and can learn and develop. Workplace learning and development professionals and managers need to know how to identify and focus your efforts on the right people-priorities for your organization.

Listening to the webinar, you will:

  1. Learn how to align your organization’s talent strategy to your business strategy

  2. Learn how to create an environment where people can learn, develop and receive recognition for their efforts

  3. Understand how to identify and focus your efforts on the right people-priorities for your organization

Module 3: “How to Perform a Talent Management Needs Assessment” (Presented on 3/22/2012)
Presented by: Andy Rice, Principal and Lead Strategist, Black Box Consulting

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After listening to the webinar, you will:

  1. Learn the value to the organization from a talent management needs assessment

  2. Learn how to assess the current state of talent management within the organization

  3. Understand how to use talent management best practices to identify and prioritize the gaps between the current and desired state of talent management

Module 4: How to Create a Strategic Talent Management Plan  (Presented on 4/26/2012)
Presented by: Andy Rice, Black Box Consulting

“How to Create a Strategic Talent Management Plan” is the fourth and final Module of the professional development webinar series entitled Talent Management for Workplace Learning Professionals.

Click here for link to presentation  

Click here for link to PDF  

Listening to this webinar, you will:

  1. Understand the strategic talent management plan

  2. Learn the typical tactics components and tools of the talent management plan

  3. Learn the typical options available to complete the plan deliverables; internally, outside resources, or both

2011 »


ACE2011 - Conference YOU!

Opening Keynote - The Power of Collaboration: Transform your Organization with Social Media
presented by Tony Bingham, CEO ASTD International.

Agile Project Management for Workplace Learning Professionals
presented Don Bolen, PMP.

Mobile Learning - iPhone/iPad App for Training Reinforcement
presented by Larry Brambrut and Carlos Quintero

From Novice to Expert: Simple Secrets to Becoming an E-Learning Pro
presented by Tom Kuhlmann

Simple Ways to Get the Graphics You Need for Your E-Learning Course
presented by Tom Kuhlmann

Virtual Presentations that Work
presented by Joel Gendelman, PhD

Measuring for Success: How CEOs View the Success of Learning Investments
presented Jack Phillips, PhD

Technology for the Millennial Workforce
presented by Jennifer Williams

Power Up Your PowerPoint
presented by Kelly Vandever


Southeast/Savannah GIG Meeting

Why Can’t They Just Do What They Are Suppose To Do?
presented by Steve Ryden


2011 Regional CPLP Virtual Study Group Informational Webcast Recording
This 45 minute webcast was conducted on 2/24/11 for the Greater Atlanta Chapter members. It provides an overview of the upcoming Regional CPLP Virtual Study Group which starts on March 31st.

After listening to this webcast you will be able to:
  • Describe what an ASTD CPLP™ Certification is.
  • State the support materials and cost involved in the CPLP™ Certification.
  • Describe how the Regional CPLP™ Study Group can help you prepare for the Exam and Work Product Submission.
  • State the prerequisites for attending the study group. Decide if CPLP™ Study Group is right for you.

To play the webcase, you will need to download and install the free WebEx player.
Go to this page and choose the player for your system.

Download the recorded WebEx (ARF file) here.

2010 »


Lunch & Learn Webinar: Making the Transition from Trainer to Consultant -
Preview of ASTD Certificate Program
October 26.


Employee Learning Week Lunch & Learn Webinar
September 20.


2010 unConference

Greater Atlanta’s first ever unConference was held August 23, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel Atlanta Northwest off of Windy Hill Rd. in Marietta.

Participants experienced simultaneous presentations in each corner of the ballroom. Each presentation lasted 15 minutes, and audience members were able to "vote with their feet" and move to other presentation in other corners of the ballroom. They also had the opportunity to engage with our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Geographic Interest Groups (GIGs), and our Sponsors, all showcased around a delicious buffet. For those in the throes of finding employment, there was a special room set aside to talk with knowledgeable career coaches.

We thank our session presenters, who were selected by vote of the membership:

  • Use of Humor in Corporate Training – Andy Kirkendall
  • Connecting the Dots through Story – Kelly Vandever
  • How to Create Quick and Easy Videos for A Website Using a Flip Camera – Pace Sweatt
  • How Fast is Too Fast: 5 Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip in Rapid eLearning – Jay Lambert
  • 5 Steps to Transition from Instructor to Performance Improvement Specialist – Mark Myette
  • Using Project Management Skills to Improve Your Design Documents – Lee Jessen
  • ASTD Atlanta Tweet Up! – Lisa Richardson
  • It’s Not What You Think – Karen Sieczka
  • Kanban: The Power of Pull – Allen Helms
  • Lectora, Articulate, and Captivate: Which Rapid eLearning Tool is for You? – Jay Lambert
  • Reduce Technology Related Stress - Debra Kirtland
  • Reveal Your Inner Genius and Accelerate Results – Brownell Landrum
  • The Organic Enterprise – Allen Helms


Southeast Georgia/Savannah (SGS) GIG: "Cool Tools"
presented by Don Bolen. April 1.


Independent Networking & Collaboration (INC) SIG


ASTD Greater Atlanta started the year with a BANG!
February 22.
Dozens of Atlanta's best learning professionals got to to network with their peers during a highly interactive networking and learning event. The participants walked away with insights and best practices around a multitude of topics:
  • Revitalizing your talent management strategy
  • Creating an effective coaching and mentoring culture
  • Improving your knowledge management systems and processes
  • Effectively managing organizational change
  • Leveraging Subject Matter Experts

"Ask My ASTD Peers" allowed everyone to rotate tables and interact with different people to share ideas, insights, and best practices. here are the notes from the discussions.

Technology-Based Learning SIG
February 10.

A panel discussion on Mobile Learning, featuring:
  • About Face(tm)  CLO Terena Campagna
  • OnPoint CEO and Founder Robert Gadd
  • Precrest CLO Debra Hansford
  • The Home Depot L&D Roger Anderson
  • The Venza Group's Daniel Johnson (moderator)

Note: Runtime: 1 hr., 29 minutes. File-size: ~21 megabytes. May take several minutes to download and begin playing.

2009 »


Chapter Meeting at Fiserv - Are You Doing Your BEST??
December 7.
Differences in the Workplace by Training Magazine


NE Atlanta/Athens GIG Event - The Future of Training... Are You Ahead of the Learning Curve?
November 16.

Workforce Challenge Presentations

Leading the Learning Organization
Tina Busch.

Informal Learning
John Gibbs.

Improving Performance
Jenny Whitener.


Chapter Meeting at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta - Leadership Effectiveness
October 19.


Chapter Meeting at Emory Corporate Learning - Identifying and Developing Emerging Talent
June 15.


Chapter Meeting at Georgia Tech - The Carrot Culture Group
February 15.

2008 »


Workforce Challenge - 2008 National Survey Generational
November 12.
Differences in the Workplace by Training Magazine


Corporate Training SIG Meeting
February 14.

2007 »


SIG Expo (Georgia Tech)
February 26.

Organizational Development SIG
February 7.

South GIG Meeting
February 6.

ITCN SIG Meeting
February 2.


ITCN SIG Meeting
January 5.



Corporate Training SIG Meeting
December 4.


Chapter Meeting (Coca-Cola)
November 13.

South GIG Meeting
November 7.

ITCN SIG Meeting
November 3.


Career Development SIG Meeting
October 24.

Organizational Development SIG Meeting
October 17.

Corporate Training SIG Meeting
October 16.

South GIG Meeting
October 3.


T-BL SIG Meeting
September 21.

Chapter Meeting (Steelcase University & Polyvision)
September 18.

ITCN SIG Meeting
September 8.

South GIG Meeting
September 5.


International SIG Meeting
August 30.

Organizational Development & Career Development SIG Joint Meeting
August 15.

Corporate Training SIG Meeting
August 7.

ITCN SIG Meeting
August 4.

South GIG Meeting
August 1.


Workshop (Equifax)
June 8.


Chapter Meeting (Georgia Power)
May 22.


Workshop (Equifax)
April 20.


Chapter Meeting (Georgia Tech College of Management)
March 20.


SIG EXPO (SunTrust)
January 23.

2005 »


Chapter Meeting (Home Depot)
December 5.


Tony Bingham Presentation: 50th Anniversary Celebration
October 24.